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MEDISANA masazer HM-855
MEDISANA masazer HM-855
4.800 din
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HAROX diadinamik sa galvanom HX-C2 48.000 din 41.000 din Verzija za stampu
HAROX diadinamik sa galvanom HX-C2

Narucite telefonom (011) 78-38-111
(065) 39-73-798

Dear User,

Thank you for purchasing the diadynamic current stimulation device – HAROX DIADYNAMIC STIMULATOR. We believe it will fulfill all of your requirements and become a necessary and reliable aid in your work.




Congratulations on the decision to save the most valuable asset in your life – your health! Modern living conditions are a cause of a growing number of health issues. For this reason, HAROX Technologies Inc. has started a mission of health and beauty, and made a top of the line device: DIADYNAMIC STIMULATOR.

DIADYNAMIC STIMULATOR HX-C2 is a microprocessor-controlled device for therapy by diadynamic current. It is used for professional purposes in medical facilities (physical medicine and rehabilitation), fitness centres, and in other applications.

Top quality of DIADYNAMIC STIMULATOR HX-C2 is certified by a warranty period of as much as 40 months.


Diadynamic currents are direct, low-frequency impulse currents of semi-sinusoidal form. They were first introduced into clinical practice by French dentist Pierre Bernard, which is why they are also called “Bernard’s currents”.

The most significant therapeutic effect of diadynamic currents is their analgesic action (reduction of pain sensation is quickly induced and lasts for several hours), stimulation of circulation (they expand blood vessels, reduce swellings and haematomas), relief of muscle spasm (which diminishes pain), as well as stimulation of muscles that are normally innervated after brief or long bouts of rest.

DIADYNAMIC STIMULATOR HX-C2 proved successful in use with many pathological conditions and is widely utilised in medicine.


The HX-C2 kit consists of:

  • Diadynamic stimulation device (hereinafter: the Device)
  • Electrode and accessories (hereinafter: electrodes)

The back side of the device features:

  • Power supply switch (ON/OFF)
  • City grid power supply cable

The front side of the device features:

  • Red LED, which indicates activity of the device ( POWER ON)
  • Potentiometer for the selection of form of current ( CURRENT )
  • Output current value display
  • Switch for the polarity of the current
  • Potentiometer for the adjustment of intensity of diadynamic current ( D-INTENSITY )
  • Potentiometer for the adjustment of intensity of galvanic current (G-INTENSITY)
  • Electrode socket

Attach the grid power cable into the 220V socket, and the electrode cable into the appropriate socket on the front side of the device. The socket is suited to 1 channel output that has 2 electrodes.

Important note: Set the INTENSITY p otentiometers to minimal values, i.e. far-left position.

With the CURRENT pot, set the desired form of current (G, DF, MF, CP, LP, RS), and with the switch, set the desired polarity of the output current: positive polarity (red electrode (+)/anode, black electrode (-) /cathode), or negative polarity (red electrode (-) /cathode, black electrode (+)/anode).

Place the electrodes onto the treated surfaces of the body, fasten them with tape, and attach to cables (see: Electrodes).

By pressing the ON/OFF switch on the back, turn on the device (at which the red LED ( POWER ON) is continuously lit).

With the G-INTENSITY pot set the desired intensity of the base current (0-30 mA), or, if the pot CURRENT is set to “G”,set the desired intensity of galvanic current (0-30 mA).

With the D-INTESITY pot, set the desired intensity of diadynamic current (it is added to the intensity of base current).

Changing of the polarity is done by the switch, at which it is compulsory to set the intensity of current to the minimal value , i.e. far-left position.

  • Positive polarity (red electrode (+)/anode, black electrode (-)/cathode)
  • Negative polarity (red electrode (-) /cathode, black electrode (+)/anode)

The values of output current are displayed in mA, which are:

  • Precise values for galvanic and base current
  • Effective value for DF form of current
  • Half of the effective value for the MF form of current
  • Current value for other forms of current
  • In case of need for a precise value of current at the output, the adjustment is to be done in the DF form of current, and then the desired form of current (MF, CP, RS or LP) can be selected
  • In case of the LP form of current, the intensity of current spans from “minimum to maximum”

Important note: Effective value of current is almost half of the maximal current. Since the client feels the maximal current, the intensity is to be set according to his or her subjective sensation.


The DIADYNAMIC STIMULATOR HX-C2 has an option of selection between the following forms of current: G, DF, MF, CP, LP, RS


Intensity represents the strength of electric signals, and it is given in mA , and set by potentiometers “INTENSITY”. Output current is read on the display.


The DIADYNAMIC STIMULATOR HX-C2 may use both metal and silicone electrodes. The electrodes, sleeves and tapes are consumable materials. In order to increase their effective life span, wipe them after each use with a cloth .

Placing of metal electrodes: Slip the electrodes into the macerated sponge sleeves, place them on the treated areas of the body, and then fasten them with tape. Connect them to the cables by clipping the clip (at the end of the cable) onto the electrode.

Placing of silicone electrodes: Swipe the electrodes with conducive gel (or across macerated sponge sleeves), place them on the treated areas of the body, and then fasten them with tape. Connect them to the cables by slipping the electrical connector into the electrode.

Note: Keep in mind that electrodes must not be in contact one with the other. The intensity of the current depends on the amount of moisture of the sleeves, and the degree of tension in the tape.


The DIADYNAMIC STIMULATOR HX-C2 has wider spectre of applications in medicine. Some of the basic indications are:

  • Neuralgia
  • Neuritis
  • Migraine
  • Myofascial Syndrome
  • Periarthritis of shoulder and hip
  • Arthrosis and Arthritis
  • Cervical and Lumbar syndrome
  • Distortions
  • Contusions
  • Post-traumatic Contractures
  • Sudeck’s Syndrome
  • Raynaud's Disease
  • Acute and Subacute Thrombophlebitis
  • Phlebothrombosis
  • Skin defects on area of application
  • Eczema
  • Dermatitis
  • Metal objects and implants
  • Malign Tumours and pre-cancerous states
  • Moles
  • Haemorrhaging and proneness to Haemorrhaging
  • Pregnancy
  • Febrile states
  • Implanted pace-maker

DIADYNAMIC STIMULATOR HX-C2 deviceshouldnot be appliedin the area of:

  • Brain
  • Genital areas
  • Heart
  • Uterus in pregnancy
  • Carotid sinus
  • Use the device only for purposes stated in the Manual
  • After use, unplug the device from power supply grid
  • During cleaning, unplug the device from power supply grid
  • Do not place the device on metal surfaces and electrical appliances
  • Do not let the device come in contact with water and other liquids
  • Do not let the device unattended during operation
  • Do not let the device unattended in the vicinity of children
  • Do not use the device if any of the parts are damaged
  • Do not store the device in direct sunlight, high temperature, or in damp areas
  • Do not modify or change device components without authorisation
  • Clean the device only with dry cloth, without use of cleaning agents
  • After each use, swipe the electrodes with cloth


  • Power supply voltage: 220 V, 50-60 Hz
  • Power consumption: 25 W
  • Output waveforms: G, DF, MF, CP, LP, RS
  • Output current: 0 - 15 mA
  • Output current: 0 - 30 mA
  • Output current: 0 - 30 mA
  • Output current readings: 0,1 mA
  • Change of current polarity: By switch
  • Intensity adjustment: Yes
  • Number of electrodes: 2
  • Device operation LED indicator: Yes
  • Dimensions (cm): 20 x 20 x 10
  • Weight of kit (kg): 1


The bottom of the device is affixed with a HAROX TECHNOLOGIES, INC. control sticker with a serial number, as it is shown in figure 5.

Fig. 5 : Control HAROX sticker


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