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TENS anti-bol stimulator BD-7900

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What is TENS?

TENS stands for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. TENS can be an effective way of managing both acute (short term pain) and chronic (long term) pain on its own or when used in conjunction with other ways of relieving pain.

TENS will not cure your pain but it can help to reduce your pain to a more acceptable level making life easier for you.

How does TENS work?

The TENS machine can work in two ways but firstly it is important to understand how the body feels pain. Messages are sent from the brain to all areas of the body and back again by the nerves, which run from the brain down the spinal cord spreading out to the trunk, arms and legs. If you touch something hot a message will flash along the nerves, up the spinal cord and into the brain. A second message would immediately be sent back to the same area telling you to move your hand away. This process takes only a fraction of a second.

TENS works by a method called pain gating where the stimulation of the TENs machine blocks the messages to the brain telling it the body is experiencing pain. It also encourages the brain to produce the bodies own natural painkilling hormones known as endorphins.

The electrical stimulation is delivered to the body by a machine about the size of a personal stereo although some machines can be smaller. A TENS machine has a pair of wires connected to two outlets on the machine. Attached to these wires are small electrode pads, which stick to the body like a sticking plaster (see individual machine instructions). These pads are placed above the area of pain, usually on either side of the spine but this may vary depending on where the pain is felt. The TENS machine is small enough to conveniently wear it clipped onto the waistband of trousers or a skirt and continue with your usual activities. When in use a tingling sensation can be felt. This should not be an unpleasant feeling. Adjusting the rate and depth of the tingling sensation using the controls on the machine can control the intensity and frequency of this sensation.

The electrodes should never be placed over the front of the neck as this can cause problems with blood pressure.

Will TENS work for everyone?

TENS may not work for everyone, as some people do not find it makes any difference in reducing their pain. Others may find the tingling sensation unpleasant. Using the machine correctly will increase the chance of gaining some benefit. It is important that if you do decide to use a TENS machine you make sure you are shown how to use it correctly. If you order your TENS machine from a catalogue or purchase one from a shop and do not understand the instructions contact the manufacturer or the retailer. The book Kings Guide to TENS details at the end of this Information Sheet is an easy to read guide on using TENS. Patience and perseverance may be needed initially to achieve the best results from your machine.

Many people will combine other pain relieving therapies with their TENS machine such as painkillers, physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, complementary therapies and relaxation techniques.

TENS should not be used in the following circumstances

  • If a heart pacemaker is fitted
  • During the first three months of pregnancy the electrodes should not be placed on the trunk or pelvis (lower body and hip region)
  • If the skin is broken the electrodes should not be applied over this area
  • Whilst driving or operating machinery
  • Over skin where no sensation can be felt
  • If a cochlear implant is fitted

If you have epilepsy you should not be alone when using your TENS as, if a seizure occurs the intensity of the machine may be accidentally increased causing skin damage.

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